Painting of a ruby-throated hummingbird on 10 x 10 cm mdf panel. Painted with acrylic paint (Amsterdam Expert line) and finished with a matte varnish.
Comes ready to hang with a small, gold colored hook.

On the 12 panels of endangered birds I have given the background a slight distressed look. The edges are sanded down gently, and there might be a few scratches in the background. Just to symbolize the ‘damage’ that is already done to nature. Nothing too serious to prevent us from seeing the beauty of it though.

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Hummingbirds (Trochilidae) are a bird species native to the Americas. They come in all kinds of colors. Hummingbirds are the world’s second largest family of birds with an estimated 338 species. They are specialized nectarivores. Co-evolution took place with the flowers upon which they feed. There are types of hummingbirds with specialized bill shapes for being able to reach the nectar in specific flowers.
Also there is the ‘bee hummingbird’ which is the smallest bird in the world (5 – 6,1 cm and 1,6 – 2 g).

34 of hummingbird species are threatened with extinction.
Find more information here. 


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