ENDANGERED European goldfinch


Painting of a European goldfinch on 10 x 10 cm mdf panel. Painted with acrylic paint (Amsterdam Expert line) and finished with a matte varnish.
Comes ready to hang with a small, gold colored hook.

On the 12 panels of endangered birds I have given the background a slight distressed look. The edges are sanded down gently, and there might be a few scratches in the background. Just to symbolize the ‘damage’ that is already done to nature. Nothing too serious to prevent us from seeing the beauty of it though.


The European goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis), not to be confused with the American goldfinch, which is a bright yellow.  It’s a small passerine bird in the finch family that is native to Europe, North Africa and western and central Asia. It has been introduced to other areas, including Australia, New Zealand and Uruguay.  Their bill has pointy ends which helps them eat tiny seeds from plants (most well known is their love for thistles, hence it’s also often called ‘thistle finch’).

It is listed as ‘of least concern’ by the IUCN red list.
Although species might be listed like this, I still consider these birds endangered. Because our whole ecosystem is threatened by climate change. Sad, but true. Let’s take good care of our planet and our birds!
Fun fact about the goldfinch though: in the Netherlands their numbers are increasing! Yay!


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